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Annealing Normalizing Quenching Tempering for Steel
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Annealing is a heat treatment methods that the steel is heated to a temperature which make the steel phase change or part of phase change,holding for a time,then cooled gradually.The purpose of annealing is to eliminate defects in the organization, to improve the organization for composition homogenization and grain refinement,improve the mechanical properties of steel,reduce the residual stress;while can reducing hardness, improved ductility and toughness, improve cutting performance.Therefore, annealing is not only eliminate and improve the organizational defects and internal stress remaining of former procedure,but also prepare for the follow-up process, so the annealing is belong to semi-finished products heat treatment, also known as pre-heat treatment.

Normalizing is the heat treatment that heat the steel above the critical temperature,make all of the steel change into uniform austenite,then cooling in air naturally.It can eliminate network cementite of the hyper-eutectoid steel, for hypoeutectoid steel lattice can be refined and improve the comprehensive mechanical properties ,for less demanding parts normalizing process is more economical than annealing.

Quenching is the heat treatment that heat the steel above the the threshold,holding for a time,and then quickly into the quenching agent,make the temperature plummeted,rapid cooling with greater speed than the critical cooling rate,to obtain martensite-based imbalanced organization. Quenching can increase strength and hardness of the steel, but reduce their plasticity. Quenching agent commonly used : water, oil, alkali and salt solutions and so on.

Re-heat the Quenched steel to a certain temperature,and then cooling it,called tempering.  Its purpose is to eliminate the internal stress generated by quenching,reduce the hardness and brittleness,obtain the desired mechanical properties. Tempering divide into high-temperature tempering,medium-temperature tempering,low-temperature tempering.Tempering generally used cooperatively with quenching, normalizing.

Quenched and Tempered
Quenched and Tempered:Heat treatment method that high-temperature tempering after quenching is called quenched and tempered,high-temperature tempering means tempering between 500-650 ℃. Quenched and tempered can make performance, material of the steel gain a large extent adjustments,its strength, ductility and toughness are very good, has nice mechanical properties.

Aging Treatment
Aging Treatment: Mold precision measuring, work piece in the long term use will change in size and shape,in order to eliminate that,often at a low temperature tempering (tempering temperature of 150-250 ℃) and before finishing,reheat the workpiece to 100-150 ℃,maintain 5-20 hours.Such stable quality precision parts processing, called aging.It is particularly important that make aging treatment for steel components under the condition of low temperature or dynamic load to eliminate the residual stress, stable steel organization and size.


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