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Bending Machine
Bending Machine Home Made

Bending Machine Home Made

Bending Machine Home Made we introduced the high technology, high efficiency medium frequency heating system.

Medium frequency power of the Bending Machine Home Made

Bending Machine Home Made  Power: 30-1200Kw (Energy save digital control circuit, soft start)Frequency:500-1000HZ

It adopts CPLD full digital process control, features output pulse is stable,punctual,activation power is big, strong anti-interference ability, Keep track of small changes in load and automatically adjusts operation data, the feedback signal automatically adjust the opening of X angle and the Fangle, real-time part of the energy saving, less failure, zero-pressure scanning soft start.

HEI YAN GROUP also manufacture Bending Machine Home Made Pipe Expanding Machine,Elbow Forming Machine,Hydraulic Press, PLC elbow machine ,Hot Induction Heating equipment.

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