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MAX.OD 530mm hydraulic Power Mode Inductional Medium Frequency Pipe Bending Machine
MAX. OD530 Hydraulic ower Mode Iductioal Medium Frequecy ie edig Machie HEIYA ulyMAX. OD530 Hydraulic ower Mode Iductioal Medium Frequecy ie edig Machiefor a few year. Techical arameter ofMAX. OD530 Hydraulic ower Mode Iductioal Medium Frequecyie edigMachie: 1. Outer diameter: OD219mm, 325mm, 426mm. OD5302. The maximum thicke: 18mm, 25mm, 40mm, 60mm3. Agle of ed: 180degree, 180degree, 180degree4
Welded High Pressure Induction Bending Machine
Welded High reure Iductio edig Machie Welded High reure Iductio edig Machiei leadig ieedig machiefor ed. ummary:Mechaical tructure i very imle.troke of jack i hort.There i o limitatio i the legth of the radiu.Wall thiig rate i very mall, ad ovality i mall, too.A eceary et ie, whe it i eceary, it i edig i the eceary lace. Raw material of the Metal Welded High reure Iductio ieedig Machiei a follow:e
OD 530mm Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine
OD 530mm Hydraulic ie edig MachieOD 530mm Hydraulic ie edig Machie ha may advatage i deig. Our roduct wo a high reutatio with high quality ad cometitive rice.OD 530mm Hydraulic ie edig Machie:1 The machie i deiged to ed large diameter ie ad differet kid of ecific ie2 Accordig to cutomer eed, the edig radiu ad agle ca e adjuted freely.3 The raw material ca e: eamle ie, welded ie or rolled ie4 edig
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