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gost standard 325 mm pipe bending machine
got tadard 325 mm ie edig machie 1.roductio rage ofgot tadard 325 mm ie edig machie:1.1 The maximum dimeio to e ed :325mm , The miimum :60mm1.2 Wall thicke :8-18mm.edig radiua:2.5-6D.1.3 edig materiala.Caro eamle ie ,20G,A106,A106C ad o o, .Weldig ie:235,345,X42,X52,X60 ad o o , c.Alloy ie:33512,22,|91,12Cr1MoVG,W36 ad o o , 2. With LC cotrol ytem, eder thicke reducig 5-10% Oval: 5% Waver:hot 2% l
MAX.OD 426mm hydraulic pipe bending machine
MAX.OD 426mm hydraulic ie edig machie Techical data ofMAX.OD 426mm hydraulic ie edig machie:Mai cylider Max. uhig force:100TMai cylider Iide OD160mm, outide OD194mm, ito ole diameter:120mm troke:5000mm 2c coe of uly:Mai uhig machie 1etHydraulic drive tatio 1etRadiu lide rail 1chift arm eat 1cClam 1etHeatig coil frame 1cMai machie cotrol caiet 1cMedium frequecy 1etHeatig coil 1 etQuechig traformer
Hydraulic Big Propulsion Hot Bending Machine
Hydraulic ig roulio Hot edig Machie Hydraulic ig roulio Hot edig Machieued to maufacture 180 degree ed(ie fittig), hae teel ad rail teel.Hydraulic ig roulioHot edig Machieha mayAdvatage:Hydraulic ig roulio Hot edig Machie i comoed of mechaical art ad electrical cotrol art cotai ower ource agecie. feed mechaim, clam heatig odie, rocker arem ie orga, electrical cotrol art utilize LC rogrammig cotrol
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