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Induction hot elbow machine
Iductio hot elow machie   Iductio hot elow machie adot medium frequecy iductio heatig, thi tye elow formig machie i our traditioal maufactured roduct, roductio hitory early more tha 20 year. With the develomet of teel ie dee roceig, Iductio hot elow machie ha got all-aroud techology imrovemet. ow our elow machie ha comoited over hort tre lie, rod cat exad diameter techology.Iductio hot elow formig
Induction pipe carbon steel bending machine
Hydraulic Iductio Caro teel edig MachieHei Yai a maufacture of Hydraulic Iductio Caro teel ie edig Machie i Chia ad the machie we ulied i oular with cutomer.Feature of Hydraulic Iductio Caro teel edig Machie:1 ie-tye regularizatioThe deig ad ie oe y oe hould avoid exceive arc,aritrary curve,comoud edig ad more tha 180 degree arc. the exceive arc ot oly make the toolig cumerome,ut alo retricted y t
heat pipe bend machine
Heat ie ed Machie   1.Coditio: ew2.ize: 219-1420mm3.Way of Formig: Hot Iductio y Medium Frequecy ower ource4.Fiihed roduct:Caro teel ed,Fittig5.iut voltage:three hae four lie 380V( -10% — +15%)6.Frequecy: 60Hz±2%7.Certificate: CE8.Trial efore himet: Ye,y mall ize to check workig of each art9.Guaratee: 1 Year of whole machie,3 moth for are10.Delivery:60-90 day   Heat ie ed Machie ma
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